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Postby mathy » 2012.08.09 (14:41)

This is my second mappack. It is meant to have 30 episodes. Give me feedback on the levels.
P.S. I am spreading out my levels.

Edit: I am no longer working on this. I stopped working on this a long time ago. This is the last version. Instead of trying to continue this, I will instead be taking the levels I like and using them in other packs, perhaps in a slightly modified form.
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Postby aids » 2012.10.23 (17:11)

You need to learn how to make better maps.
  • 0-0:Zero >> Too bad you weren't creative with the mine placements.
  • 0-1:One >> Pretty boring.
  • 0-2:Two >> It's like a bad Wizard2 map.
  • 0-3:Three >> I just realized that these maps are in the shapes of numbers. I don't like this.
  • 0-4:Four >> Blah.
  • 1-0:Five >> Just like Three, but less fun.
  • 1-1:Six >> These are just getting tedious.
  • 1-2:Seven >> Let's not and say we did.
  • 1-3:Eight >> Duh.
  • 1-4:Nine >> Nein. No more please.
  • 10-0:Revenge Of The Thwumps 1 >> Fuck you.
  • 10-1:Revenge Of The Thwumps 2 >> It's nothing original, but this is good.
  • 10-2:Revenge Of The Thwumps 3 >> Really boring setup.
  • 10-3:Revenge Of The Thwumps 4 >> Not that creative.
  • 10-4:Revenge Of The Thwumps 5 >> This is a terrible hold right DDA.
  • 11-0:Mine Time >> Skipped.
  • 11-1:Top Thwumps >> Bad.
  • 11-2:Easy >> Gauss lag is terrble.
  • 11-3:Sky Uppercut >> Waste of time.
  • 11-4:Cut-throat Competition >> Shitty mines. Just a bad map.
  • 2-0:Wall >> I'm super surprised I beat this, but it's a lousy map.
  • 2-1:Stopping Distance A >> Meh, it's okay.
  • 2-2:Filament >> Ahahah, you have no clue how to map a good map.
  • 2-3:Bridge >> This one is fun to max.
  • 2-4:Core Speed >> You keep overdoing with your enemies.
  • 3-0:Ninjask >> Awful map.
  • 3-1:G Force >> Yuck.
  • 3-2:Pathway >> Not fucking worth it.
  • 3-3:DoorEerie >> Door eeries are super boring.
  • 3-4:Chase >> Nope.
  • 4-0:Caught >> Oh boy, this is great to cheat.
  • 4-1:Path Carver >> Another waste of time.
  • 4-2:Blue Tetris >> Interesting map, but skipped.
  • 4-3:Stopping Distance B >> Yawn.
  • 4-4:Kink >> I could see Sunset perfecting the shit out of this concept.
  • 5-0:Gold Topped >> Hah, it's soooooo bad.
  • 5-1:Super Jump >> Shit.
  • 5-2:Down Line >> This is such a bad pack.
  • 5-3:Don't Slip! >> Not worth it.
  • 5-4:Gold Or No Gold >> Dude, what's with you and making bad maps? This lag is awful.
  • 6-0:Chaingun Corridors >> Should I just give up on the rest?
  • 6-1:Gauss Chain >> Fucking gauss.
  • 6-2:The Climb >> Nope.
  • 6-3:Jump Test >> It's a piece of shit but at least you tried.
  • xx >> Yeah, I give up.
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Postby 乳头的早餐谷物 » 2012.10.23 (18:32)

constructive criticism à la aidière
M E A T N E T 1 9 9 2


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Postby zoasBE » 2012.10.24 (12:32)

Sincerely mathy, please, do not read or pay attention to Aidiera, it seems that this guy went to his head.
Here are good maps, many of them, a higher percentage than bad, it all depends on taste, and I think that Aidiera lately didn't knows how to differentiate this, if he do not like a map then it was simply a bad to him, and seems it must to be so for everyone who reads his very constructive reviews. And I think this is a mistake, a big mistake.
mathy mood, so you can keep making maps, and evolve over time, to me personally, I quite like this style, frankly.
Aidiera wrote:
You need to learn how to make better maps.
Sorry, you need to learn how to make better reviews.
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Postby mathy » 2012.11.12 (16:51)

Thanks. I almost stopped the map pack before.Now I can complete it.

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Postby otters~1 » 2012.11.13 (06:38)

what was the point of this exercise in bullshit

seriously get a job

not talking to you mathy
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