Pheidippisodium, Part II

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Postby Pheidippides » 2012.11.04 (04:00)


Pheidippisodium, Part II:
The episodium continues with 50 new maps!

About the Pack:
Pheidippisodium was a busy, busy pack. When I finally committed myself to another column, I decided that this one was going to be different. I wanted it to feel more episodic that my previous attempt, with a gentler difficulty curve and generally more relaxed maps. Hell, the first map has no enemies in it at all -- aside from mines, of course, but they keep to themselves. Granted, there are still a few difficult maps in here to get your blood pressure up, but my hope is that they don't dominate the pack like they did last time. My hope is that this time, less is more.

Although I'm calling this Part II, the numbering starts again at 00-0. This is because the column doesn't really fit as a follow-up to the original Pheidippisodium; if anything, this column should precede the original. Somehow, though, I feel the real solution is somewhere in between. I'm considering combining the two columns into a single, reordered pack at some point. Keep your eyes peeled.

Oh, and one last thing: this pack comes with a challenge. I've done my best to get a high score on all of the Part II maps, and I'd like to see if anyone can do better. My Total Level Score for the 50 maps is 5435.000 (01:30:35.000); anyone who shows me 50 demos with a higher Total Level Score will earn themselves a mention in this post and some serious respect from me.

Whether you're playing for the podium or not, enjoy the maps. It's been a pleasure making them.

00-4: Another Damn Morning
04-3: Helena Beat
05-1: Tethered to the Moon
05-3: Rust and Particle Accelerators
08-3: Shoulders and Arms
09-1: The Lamplighter's Lover
09-2: Excerpt from a Wedding Cake
09-4: The Hive Queen and the Hegemon
...and more.

PPII Total Level Scores:
0th -- 5435.000 (01:30:35.000) -- Pheidippides

Special Thanks to:
-- flag, for playtesting and critiquing every last map and scrap I made on the way to the finished column, and also for providing heaps of support for what has quickly become several years. Your kindness has never gone unnoticed.
Pheidippisodium, Part II.txt
An expanse and zenith.
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Postby otters~1 » 2012.11.04 (04:02)



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Postby PALEMOON » 2012.11.04 (15:21)


will update when i beat it :)

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Postby lord_day » 2012.11.04 (18:19)

From what I've played so far, these are great. Am I right in guessing that many of these levels are homages to other maps and/or authors?

Also, 09-0: Toadstool Future was awesome. Have a demo:

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Postby Pheidippides » 2012.11.04 (18:52)

lord_day wrote:Am I right in guessing that many of these levels are homages to other maps and/or authors?
Hmm. Well, 01-4 is absolutely an homage to tktktk's Rawkstar Central, but I'm not sure any of the other maps were that deliberate. Several maps were inspired by the in-game levels, as I was playing through the game again while making the column. 04-0 and 09-4 were pretty strongly influenced by M&R. 02-2, 04-1, and 08-2 were inspired by PALEMOON's tilesets (08-2 was also specifically inspired by his Forge District). atob's tile aesthetics crept into 05-3 while I wasn't looking, and your very own c-snapped gold clusters made their way from The Conclusive Column into 07-2. So yeah, I suppose there are a lot of influences at work here, some of which I'm probably not even conscious of. Good thing, too -- I might not have been able to churn out fifty maps running on just my own juices. I like to think that I've put my own spin on things, though, and that some maps (06-3 and 07-3 in particular, and hopefully others) have Pheidippides written all over them. Maybe I should have just cited my sources. ^^;;

Anyway, I'm glad you like the maps, l_d. Enjoy the rest!
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Postby unoriginal name » 2012.11.04 (20:14)

oh man

will play these

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Postby ChrisE » 2012.11.05 (15:20)

I've played the first ten and haven't yet completed one first time.

The mines keep themselves to themselves do they?

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Postby lfaber » 2012.11.06 (17:17)

This is really good, but the maps are hard!!!
whatever. one of the best mappacks i've ever played...

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Postby aids » 2015.01.31 (16:15)

Six word reviews.
  • 00-0: Shoal Salt >> The rightmost gold isn't worth it.
  • 00-1: Route 126 >> Beautiful, wonderful, lovely, pretty and. Userlevel'd.
  • 00-2: Diving Day >> My my, the oneways are gorgeous.
  • 00-3: Shoal Shells >> So glad I'm playing these. Userlevel'd.
  • 00-4: Another Damn Morning >> The oneway layout will get annoying.
  • 01-0: Dammit Jim, I'm a Lover, not a Fighter! >> I cannot get over this beauty.
  • 01-1: Set Phasers to Dumb CCW >> Very remniscient of 19-4. Faily fun.
  • 01-2: Monument to Forgotten Love >> Small, simple maps are always good.
  • 01-3: Stark >> The layout here is rather poor.
  • 01-4: Rawkstar Riff >> My word, this is brilliant. Userlevel'd.
  • 02-0: Beacons and Buoy Bells >> I don't like the oneway/chaingun/gauss setup.
  • 02-1: Interning at Silph Co.>> Three rockets? Unfairly hard and mean.
  • 02-2: Below the Badlands >> Lovely. The lasers work great together.
  • 02-3: Frosty Village >> I wish there was more gold.
  • 02-4: You're a Miserable Fuck, Charlie Brown >> I beat it once, that's enough.
  • 03-0: Toadstools and Footstools>> Ugh, man, why you gotta be?
  • 03-1: Came Under Cover of Night >> The rocket room is damn hard.
  • 03-2: One Day, I Got In. >> Rather boring compared to the rest.
  • 03-3: Greenhouse Emissions >> Can't say I liked the gauss.
  • 03-4: Mount Crumpit >> A bit tricky, but still fun.
  • 04-0: Smokestack Expansion Pack >> No drones, but a rocket maybe.
  • 04-1: Lavender Town Truants >> The thwumps don't really do much.
  • 04-2: Square Two >> The lasers got very annoying here.
  • 04-3: Helena Beat >> Make it easier to move around.
  • 04-4: Trinitrotoluene >> I didn't like the two lasers.
  • 05-0: Bust-a-Move Ninjutsu Nights >> Wowee, this one is great. Userlevel'd.
  • 05-1: Tethered to the Moon >> The rockets here work well together.
  • 05-2: DNA Tetricase >> Hmmm, not a fan of this.
  • 05-3: Rust and Particle Accelerators >> Love it still. Very fun. Userlevel'd.
  • 05-4: Helmholtz and Gibbs Energy Consultants Inc. >> I didn't like the general layout.
  • 06-0: Tell Her That I Miss Our Little Talks >> This map is hellish, you know.
  • 06-1: The Last Conquistador >> Oh baby, I like you. Userlevel'd.
  • 06-2: Gatsby's Ghost >> I got a nifty demo here.
  • 06-3: Ho Hey, or Adrift Take Three >> I wish it was more interesting.
  • 06-4: Billowcorp >> Skipped. I can't do races. Frown.
  • 07-0: Clever Girl >> Looked better than it actually was.
  • 07-1: Process Dynamics and Control >> Why must these be so hard?
  • 07-2: Bullet Bill Hills >> Goddamn this gold looks great. Congrats.
  • 07-3: Day 151 >> I don't like you at all.
  • 07-4: Sushi >> Homie, don't jock me like this.
  • 08-0: Saint Agatha >> I wish the gauss weren't here.
  • 08-1: Health Potion >> Asymmetry would have made this perfect.
  • 08-2: Above the Badlands >> I felt great when I won.
  • 08-3: Shoulders and Arms >> Good design but very subpar gameplay.
  • 08-4: The Astronomer's Daughter >> A waste of a great tileset.
  • 09-0: Toadstool Future >> How the fuck is this possible. lord_day beat it, so did I.
  • 09-1: The Lamplighter's Lover >> Ugh, much too hard for me.
  • 09-2: Excerpt From A Wedding Cake >> Twill go down in history. Userlevel'd.
  • 09-3: Gossamer >> Hmmmm, I liked it a little.
  • 09-4: The Hive Queen and the Hegemon >>More work than it's really worth.
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