Dragon 2012 - BluePretzel's Favourites (mappack)

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Postby BluePretzel » 2012.12.25 (08:59)

DRAGON 2012 - A mappack containing my favourite creations
I am quite enthralled by dragons, and 2012 was the Year of the Dragon, according to traditional Chinese Zodiac. From this, I've decided to make a re-capping mappack of sorts; a collection of maps that I'm so glad I made. And so, I present to you: Dragon 2012.
Hahaha, I'm so sententious :P
Hey all. So yeah, to put it simply, this mappack contains a cluster of my own levels that I myself very much enjoy playing.
It was kinda fun taking a trip down memory lane, looking at all of the maps I've produced in a time of a little over three years.
Most of these maps can be found on NUMA, though a few are located in past mappacks. Links to those can be found in my signature.

Since this pack has technically been three years in the making, it's quite cool to see the large variety of style within the levels. Going a year back, you'll see a very early style of the technique I tend to use today. Go even further back, and it becomes crazier. Any of you who've been playing my maps since only recently might find this to be quite interesting ;)

Anyways, just to be clear, I'm aware that quite a few of these levels might not be that great in one way or another; just know that these are the maps that I have enjoyed the most, out of all that I've made; isn't this an important thing? Hopefully this also means that you'll enjoy them too.

So, without further delay; download and start playing!

Hope you have fun, guys!

Level classifications for those who want them:

Action - Spending most of the time trying not to die, casually collecting gold, with a focus usually on one or more enemies. No real time to take a breath, like action should be.
Adventure - Often containing twisted hallways, a map where it feels like you're exploring, rather than trying to finish as quick as possible. You will often have places to take a breather and think of what you're gonna do next. May also involve going back and forth a bit.
Experimental - Will use glitches, secrets, and irregular techniques as the core of the gameplay. Watch those trap switches!
Highscore - These maps are built around the idea that you're aiming to collect all of the gold before leaving. Often have excessive amounts of the shiny stuff.

Dragon 2012 - BluePretzel's Favourites (60 maps)
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