Mappack with achievement anyone?

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Postby laissez_faire » 2011.11.21 (21:33)

I'm planning on making a mappack with achievements in it and I'm wondering if anyone wants to help. Also what does 503 Over Quota error means because I keep getting that when trying to go to NUMA.

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Postby DaggaFork » 2011.11.21 (21:48)

I'm having the same problem with NUMA, and we're not alone.
Someone mentioned somewhere that it is Google just dumping on us.

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Postby Paradox » 2011.11.28 (07:59)

Yes we have exceeded the amount of page views for that site
They thought the site/domain was dying & limited it's pageviews
Someone didn't pay them, so they cut us off

Now whats this about achievements willard?

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