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Postby aids » 2014.02.12 (04:49)

I just saw The Lego Movie and was absolutely happy with it. There was a pirate booty joke which was a missed opportunity, and it had a few too many characters, but it is a shining example of how far we've come (concerning kid cinema) since the likes of Titan A.E. and that Digimon one.

I've previously watched Michael Moore's Sicko, which made me pretty upset about how twisted around the American healthcare system is. I know he didn't interview anyone who is happy with the setup, but those he did were compelling on their own. I'll probably read more about it soon.

I also watched Blackfish. Blackfish is a documentary about a killer whale at SeaWorld who has been documented to have killed at least three trainers. It's eye-opening and horrific, and if you have a strong stomach and aren't easily upset I would recommend you watch it on Netflix.

Add any movies you've seen recently and recommend, warn others about the bad ones -- addendum, please don't see Winter's Tale, it's an embarrassment to society and very dumb -- and spark some conversation.


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