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Postby otters~1 » 2012.10.30 (03:09)

Harveyy wrote:The dictator i think he means. And yes it was bad.
the dusk the dawn the earth the sea

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Postby TommyWiseau24 » 2012.11.02 (04:49)

centerƒire wrote:
Harveyy wrote:The dictator i think he means. And yes it was bad.
I thought it wasn't that bad. Merely passable.

Also, The Eternal Jew is up there for me.

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Postby Pixon » 2013.11.04 (02:19)

The Dragon Lives Again. I tried watching that movie with a couple of friends last night, and we couldn't make sense of it at all. Hilarious as all hell because it features the combined beauty of an Asian cast of Indiana Jones, Dracula, Popeye, the Godfather and a Bruce Lee impersonator.

If you ever find yourself high enough, watch it.

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Postby M4xwell » 2013.11.04 (02:52)

Birdemic: Shock and Terror
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