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Postby Seneschal » 2012.06.07 (22:18)

How come we never talk any more? Reading the article Tanner linked to really hit home how we never really discuss anything on the forums nowadays, which is depressing :/


Anyway, enough moping: I just blitzed through all the existing episodes of Avatar: Legend of Korra this afternoon and feel confident in saying that it's at least as good as its predecessor. If you're not watching, it you definitely should, although you should try and watch Avatar: The Last Airbender beforehand if you haven't already (and don't be put off by the fact they're aimed at children, because their cross-generational appeal is phenomenal - think Pixar).

So, er, Discuss!

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Postby ENT474 » 2012.06.08 (00:51)

Wait. There's a sequel?
No. Way.
Off to watch

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Postby Innuendonewb » 2012.06.08 (16:19)

The Last Airbender was a great series. Well made individual personalities, albeit sometimes caricatural, but it's a kids series what you want. A setting that in general made sense and didn't bother you with unnessecary details. An overarching story line that was clearly set from the start, unlike alot of other series where each season a new biggest enemy ever gets invented. And even the filler episodes had a high standard, see Tales of Ba Sing Se (s02e15). So when I heard they were gonna make a new series I was sceptical and affraid it wouldn't meet my expectations.

That said, I REALLY LIKE the new series also. It's clearly the same recepy as the previous series in alot of aspects, but it has matured. It seems they did the 'Harry Potter' thing where the books matured with the audience. The main story seems to go alot faster, but that is probably because the season is also a bit shorter then the previous ones. So far I've like every episode alot, I just hope they can keep the 'moral lesson' part, that all these kid series have, from getting in the way of the main story. In some Aang episodes this was a bit exagerated, but in the new series it hasn't bothered me yet.

In conclusio; bringing the age of the main character up does a lot to the maturity of a series and I can only hope it's still good enough for the channels target audience so that they won't cancel it.

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Postby GamingWolf » 2012.06.08 (19:51)

A Shippuden-esque Avatar successor? This is going in my backlog.

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Postby Corky Romano » 2012.06.08 (20:27)

I like it! I think it's less boring than the original series. Korra's really spunky!
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Postby Seneschal » 2012.06.09 (22:13)

I wasn't completely sold on today's episode, but holy shit Amon is one terrifying badass. Shame the season's ending so quickly, but I'll be greatly looking forward to the one hour finale!

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