N v2.0 Level Editor -- can't test level

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Postby HODOR » 2013.07.20 (14:22)

I'm running N v2.0 on a Mac. Everything works fine with the level editor, except for when I hit "Tab" to test the level, every dynamic element in the level (including the ninja) disappears--all that remains are the tiles. When I hit Tab again to exit the test, all of the elements then reappear as before... I just can't test any levels I make. Help!

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Postby panstromek » 2013.08.14 (17:26)

Known bug. I use previous version of v2.0 to make levels (that one from quick fix), but I think it is not available anymore.

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Postby Mikper » 2017.07.08 (17:17)

For people comming here that want some tips on how to test your levels:

You can test levels in the internet version of the game: http://www.thewayoftheninja.org/nv2.html . If pressing tab to test your level doesn't work, test pressing escape, so that the resume editing/quit/save menu comes up, then press tab, then press escape again and then tab again. Same thing works for stop testing the level.

Another way to be able to test your level is to download n version 1.4 with functioning level tester: http://www.thewayoftheninja.org/n_v1pc.zip (direct download link). The level editor there is much harder to understand than the one in n v2.0, but you can test your levels. If you do a level in n v1.4 and want to transfer it to n v2 you'll have to save the level into n v1.4's level data box, copy the level data, paste it into n v2's level data box (that you bring up by pressing escape in the level editor and pressing pgdn) and press shift+pgup.

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