Can't launch on Mac OS Sierra

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Postby GilDev » 2017.01.12 (22:24)

Just discovered the existence of N++ and oh my god so much memories from N came back! I had forgotten everything, the game and its name but I spent so much hours on this when I was a child…
Anyway, the nostalgia made me want to play a bit, but when I try to launch the Mac version of N 2.0 on my MacBook Pro running OSX 10.12.2, I get this (translated from French):
“Unable to open "Nv2-Mac". You should place this item in the trash”.

What is happening? Gatekeeper is deactivated.

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Postby Hyteriux » 2017.02.09 (23:32)

Mac download for Nv2 is broken. I suggest just using the online version ( to play N.

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