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Postby Rivet » 2013.07.01 (06:20)

This pops up when I press Tab to test a map, if I dismiss it, the ninja and other objects disappear and your'e left looking at the tiles.

It's worked properly in the past.

To try and fix I've deleted and redownloaded ngame and Flash Player.

Any ideas?


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Postby 999_Springs » 2013.07.01 (21:00)

appears to be a (pretty disastrous) bug with the latest version. you're not alone

your image doesn't show up, use this link instead

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Postby Dead_videos » 2013.07.11 (08:50)

Just in case your image fails in someway down the line here is the text

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RangeError: Error #1125: The index 0 is out of range 0.
at simulation::Simulator/APP_EnablePlayer()
at editor::Editor/Tick()
at com.metanet.screens.editor::EditorApp/handleEnterFrame()
if you can't tell i too have befallen this bug.

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