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Postby mp27 » 2013.07.12 (22:27)

When playing, even the demo playing itself, I get the below error, and it causes the game to randomly add time for collected gold.

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at audiovisual::SoundManager/PlaySound_Gold()
at simulation.entities::Entity_Gold/CollideVsCircle_Logical()
at simulation.ninja::Ninja/PostCollision()
at simulation::Simulator/Tick()
at com.metanet::App_MultiPurpose/tickSimulator()
at com.metanet::App_MultiPurpose/continueReplay()
at com.metanet::App_MultiPurpose/tickReplayInProgress()
at com.metanet::App_MultiPurpose/tickReplay()
at com.metanet::App_MultiPurpose/tick()
at NMediator/handleEnterFrame()
at org.robotlegs.base::EventMap/routeEventToListener()
at MethodInfo-119()

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Postby james_S » 2013.10.18 (21:54)

Hey, Are you using the old version of N2 to play? (i.e u havent redownloaded N to get the updated one -(the one on which editor doesnt work still)) Some maps cant be won playing on the old version, an error message comes up -It happened to me annoyingly one some long levels a few times :(
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