Week 6 - Tileset of the Week! (Series now on Metanet forums!

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Postby Andrew_99 » 2015.01.24 (01:42)

Week 5 is up! Winner was Yoke300, Special Mention to Cooperverdon!

Map here : http://www.thewayoftheninja.org/nv2.html?l=131522
Data here : http://droni.es/getdata.php?l=131522

Rules here : http://n-game-v2.forumactif.org/t176-ti ... an-updated DISCLAIMER - I was on v2 Forums when I made this, sorry if you aren't satisfied, I may just remake rules here.

1 Week ; GO!

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Gave this some effort. I think it turned out okay.
Today is just a really good day, ya know?

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