what is your dream feature to include in n?

Babble about your incredible affections of ninja puzzle platformers here.

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Postby paTE » 2013.06.26 (11:39)

share it

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Postby paTE » 2013.06.26 (11:50)

i want a feature like speed breaker of nfs mw

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Postby Vyacheslav » 2013.06.26 (19:22)

replace the ninja with sailor moon

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Postby james_S » 2013.07.30 (00:08)

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The 'n Tower' was not built in a day. There were some remakes

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Postby james_S » 2014.02.14 (17:26)

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The 'n Tower' was not built in a day. There were some remakes

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Postby DraxoBox » 2014.04.10 (14:37)

A portal gun. You cannot shoot the gun at one-ways or doors of any kind. Also, if the ninja gets hit, he loses his gun but still goes on until he gets hit again (So basically, he has two lives. The first life comes with a portal gun, and the second one does not. Once he loses both lives, you have to restart the level normally and the ninja gets his two lives and portal gun back.)

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Postby james_S » 2014.04.14 (21:23)

hi Pixelwiz, trouble is the gun would just shoot where the ninja is going (cant really be aiming while jumping around)..

I added to my previous post about portholes
The 'n Tower' was not built in a day. There were some remakes

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Postby crunchytoast » 2014.05.25 (13:43)

the demos are a real ninja different colour.. add raif's mbd if available as a possible choice for demo...just to make you feel inadequate...

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Postby james_S » 2014.05.28 (13:30)

hey crunchytoast. hm I dont understand what you mean by demos which are 'real ninjas'..? this makes me think you can have a specially animated ninja for the demos because as the game already knows where you went, it for example can add the ninja doing a forward roll when the ninja narrowly dodged some bullets, or even the ninja pulling themselves up on a ledge (using hands)
The 'n Tower' was not built in a day. There were some remakes

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Postby Sunset » 2014.11.23 (02:14)

i've always wanted some sort of switch to make drones switch paths. could work wonders in some instances

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Postby alarm » 2015.08.10 (21:48)

4 player co-op online.

Widescreen maps displayed vector.

Particle Effects.

Small bug fixes and Quality of Life updates.

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Postby Sendy » 2016.09.25 (23:05)

Without a doubt, the ability to make user episodes, or even - perhaps with a bit of curation from the community and/or a voting process, userlevel columns by individual authors. It seems to me that the infrastructure is there, it would just need some extra work.

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Postby james_S » 2017.01.27 (04:31)


Dear Mare & Raigan
Your N game encourages innovating and so we sometimes end up with ideas that breach it. I'm passing on a scrutinized list of new suggestions for the game compiled from users of the different versions that we hope are worthy and fit what we understand as your style and your idea of what N should be. If some are not, at least they might make a good read for you and there's really nothing much else we can do with them other than dream and give them to you.
-By what 'we' understand I mean me but I received a lot of help in forming my opinions.

There are many different 'bubbles' of people and very easy to be prejudiced. Making a good and pure niche product might not get you the audience it deserves and the moolah $. Extra substantial things can justify the price tag and bring in more people who may also learn to love your style in time. If they are at the expense of purity then well, a computer game isn't an exquisite japanese bowl.. but of course that all depends.
As for whether to bother with realism, a central part of the game seems to be you going against badass machinery, and the feeling gets lost when some things make you think that it's just a game and the enemies are merely toys.
(Song to listen to: DB Boulevard - (Another)Point Of View https://youtu.be/dVWTS2AsaSk )

james-of-s / James_S

Compiled suggestions for the awesome n game

Ignoring what is already in N++ but not in other versions of N.
(Where I wrote 'add on>' I mean I added to their idea. What is quotes = common knowledge.)

Bonus challenges Tab where maps(incl. user made) are locked until the player unlocks the bonus features used(made allowable) in them. Mappers will not be able to make maps with those bonus features unless they too have unlocked them. Some suggestions below could be made only for this tab so as not to distract from the main N game style and gameplays
-or if it's too late to implement them, so the tab could be like having both n1.4 and nreality(with its many mods) -and people want that..

Guest: It would be cool to have a map summary
add on> Ability to make and cut videos of runs within the game and save to personal computers in normal video format.
Mappers could be able to add a 5?sec video advertising their published map that users can click to view. -This could help the userlevel episodes suggestion.

Sendy: Userlevel episodes
add on> Max 4?episodes in an episode bundle.
Spartax18 inspired: Maybe also be able to place exits that link to different episodes e.g. a map could have two exits, one to progress to final episode another to a bonus episode which exit links to that final episode.
Alternatively this can also make a ''Checkpoints'' gameplay possible because different episodes can be of the same map but with the ninja+exit placed differently i.e where the ninja previously exited. This solves the issue of carrying momentum when going through check points which would mess it up.

Ratings out of 10 may encourage players to express their feelings more, and mappers might respond with more appealing maps?

Place gates anywhere on the map -tighter snap grid in Editor (it very often helps on N2 when mappers edit the code).

This is a problem that very many users cite-
Escapee: Userlevel mappers to have to beat their own maps.
add on with help from Grady> But they would have 4? lives which would be an ability to Rewind gameplay, using a rewind scroll bar or something user friendly showing the ninja going back.
-When playtesting maps mappers could be able to change the time speed of the game, but for that test there could be a minimum level -so mappers could use it as a help or not, whatever they prefer.

Why not try to bring back tile squeezes for extra movement capability? -but unlike in N1.4 if the ninja impacts too fast/ is squeezed too much it would die, so it won't look like a bug.

Revenge as a zombie mode, when the ninja dies there could be (a probs unlockable) feature to play as sort of zombie where the ninja would glow in a cool light and could disintegrate enemies and gates/panels by moving into them -falling on to them would not do anything unless the player presses a button to disintegrate them like a stomp (this could be the suggested Dodge button keypress -see realism section). The ninja could also jump better like flying but won't be able to absorb gold or go through the exit.

Thejumper741: Improve and expand User level feed functions on all versions of N

Guest: Different types of ninjas
add on> Fat slow ninja which would move differently to the normal ninja and hence interact with bounceblocks (+suggested objects below) differently. A Small thin ninja with the opposite effects. -Good for multi player.

Stacking objects should not be allowed except for bounceblocks (which can be good for gameplay but is glitched in Nv2 -they should just look and work like a tougher bouceblock) and gold (which is often useful) which should instead have a max quantity that can be stacked. Reason against stacking drones is that is looks a bit wrong, unless the drones have diff speeds and diverge (but then need to make sure any new drones would have diff speeds so they won't appear as a single drone with multiple functions).

Appearance/ misc.
Garaman: Rewards like bandanas
add on> ''Skins'' but can have a toggle button to 'Use skins' or not where users select ninja colour. -We can see a lot of effort has been put into designing the ninja but the option of awesome and topical skins should be exciting.

Someone one said: When viewing replays the colour of that player's ninja should be shown instead of your own.
add on> this can apply to Skins used, just need a ref in the run data, to find which of the colours/skins stored in the game was used. If a user has skins switched off then the equivalent ninja colour is used.

Unlockable colour schemes for N++ that do not really have to fit the style as they don't matter, if some user likes them they can choose them -can even be flower patterned tiles.

One way panels to be made breakable and the mapper would have an option to stack them on top of each other which will change their shade (so the player will know if they are stronger). It could be that a single panel can break if the ninja impacts it with extra momentum to running e.g after slope etc. These panels would also interact with rockets (and drones -see realism section) but bullets can be assumed too small to affect these magical panels and would pass through. Rockets would have a set damage and panels would have a set breaking point.
-About Drone tracks which many people talked about, with the suggested one way panel ideas (breakable, impassable by enemies) mappers would be able to affect drone paths in a more aesthetic way than by using sliding gates which is not really their purpose and if some panels got broken during gameplay, drones could move to other areas and end up on other paths :)

Spartax18: Bounceblocks could be rotated in Editor and placed at the n game angles -to enrich movement capability and looks.

More serious than it sounds and a solution to Timed gameplay that many people talked of (incl. Moletrooper) as they could be set on a timeline loop>>
''Wormhole''. A wormhole object would consist of two wormholes for passing between one another. Each would be on a separate timer for opening and closing set by the mapper and the player would see when they are fully opened when they grow large enough to fit the ninja +fancy animation (so animation starts first as when fully closed they are invisible). The ninja entering the wormhole would loose some time and if the other end of the wormhole isn't fully opened the ninja would remain out of the map until it does. Could have option to randomly set wormholes. And could even link different episode maps and work on enemies.
-Gold attracting wormhole which would suck in gold (which can be assumed as not really gold but like some energy) which would be lost. Set with the same tools in Editor but what gets changed is its strength. It attracts gold nearer to it faster but cannot attract through tiles. -So in gameplay, gold patterns could be distorted, gold speed and direction could change if multiple wormholes are used and would stop if wormhole strength is zero.

Floating orb- A see through object which the ninja could push around and upwards and do small jumps from it (physics to apply and to keep it simple it won't be squeezable). It would interact with all objects incl jump pads though a laser would go through it. Any objects could be placed inside it! suspended so they're kept straight during any rotation, which would just make the Orb heavier but mappers could choose how much 'hellium' to add to it so it can balance out or float to the ceiling. Mines would fall to the floor if it is popped but gold is assumed special so it won't (see n world section).

Resurrection diamonds (looking white-ish probs) which upon contact with the ninja bring it back to life.
Animation idea for this: If the ninja is in bits, the part that touches it becomes temporarily magnetic to the rest of the parts (not very powerful, but enough to lift them and itself of the ground +cool glow), attracting them against gravity and drag. If it manages to attract like at least half of the ninja in the short time, the parts assemble and grow out to make a full ninja (when the ninja stops glowing -it's ready), if not it fails and collapses. Parts not used just get left to lie there.

Draxobox: Floorguards to work on slopes
add on> floorguards to move over All flat non vertical surfaces including panels and blockgates (as they can brake immediately in n it suggests special grip) but would stop before gaps and changes in gradient. If a gate gets opened right underneath them they would fall through and carry on working if landed on their wheels (physics to apply). So the only thing they can't pass is changes in gradient and gaps which makes sense.

-Change to Rocket turret tracking to make it visual only (see realism section). If the ninja gets out of its sight of the turret, the rocket it controls (its realistic that it can control only one at a time) would just continue straight on until it is seen again. To overcome this new weakness a new Rocket drone can be used in maps for a different effect:
-Palemoon: Rocket drone constantly firing with a delay between shots
add on> but the delay would be quite substantial and its rockets could be slower and have very limited ammo (see realism sec.) so it won't be a super enemy, instead its main purpose is to have an advantage of moving around and to have better tracking than the rocket turret -as each rocket will have its own visual tracking.

Grenade(sort of) shooter drone (bit like the chaingun drone), the granades would have a fuse (set by the mapper but with a min 3?secs) but would also explode on contact with the ninja like mines. It would have a substantial firing delay, partly because it can be assumed to be slow in working out trajectory to compensate for its very much gravity affected grenades and if it can't get the target but can get very close it could fire anyway after like 2?secs. It would have very limited ammo like the rocket drone.

Change to Seeker drone tracking. When they spot the ninja and race in its direction, instead of turning normally when they meet a wall (which can lead them to completely leave the space the ninja was in) they would always do a 180 to return to the location where they last saw the ninja, after which they would continue as normal (or be forced to do a turn).

N++ mini zap drones could be made to have only one zap which can be good for multi-player (+see realism sec.)

Security laser turret which can be set to oscilate by the mapper and if the beam is broken an alarm sounds and would trigger gate switches (incl. block gates) linked to it by the mapper which could be used for releasing enemies and etc.

Upgradable drones with enhanced abilities (and looks) (Insipired by Superherotype) such as:
-more powerful jump pads (to compensate for removal of glitch boosters)
-more powerful electric so that sparks can fly out to the ninja if it gets too close (and small sparks shooting to nearby walls should look cool)
-floorguards with saws instead of zap
-more frequent fire (with more ammo)
-shooting rockets in pairs (but that don't converge so they have a bigger contact area)

Zap drones appear to have outdated tech/stupid compared with the other enemies. (See enemies sec. for this)

The n++ mini zap drones are able to do exactly the same thing as normal zap drones but with less bulk, which suggest better tech or that normal zap drones are mostly hollow. -This size difference could be understandable if they were to only have one zap (See enemies sec. for this).

As suggested above, one way panels should not be able to let drones through, like with the ninja. It doesn't mean that they are not weak enough to let drones ram through but it can be assumed that the drones view them as walls and turn away.

The non-zap drones have 360 tracking like the gauss, so laser drones shouldn't have the same eyes/lenses as zap drones -Or that eye could be drawn on all the drones representing a basic eye for moving around in the way that they do and the 360 visual capability could be represented as a different eye or radar etc.

Strange that rockets are the only enemy with superior, non-visual tracking capability. (See enemies sec. for this).

Spartax18: Collidable with enemies
add on> Physical interaction with all objects(not just thwumps) meaning can't go through them, can jump/stand on them, be pushed by them (think cheekily using some drones like moving platforms). Dodging could be possible as just like in cartoons there would be space to the side. Can assume that enemies won't bump into each other because they choose to dodge each other, but have no reason to dodge the ninja.

Dodging- So would the ninja be able to dodge a drone then if physical interaction is introduced? I think it would have to be by a timely press of a dodge button such as Down -but it can be assumed that there won't be much space to move to the sides while the enemies are not trying to dodge the ninja (probs the opposite) so zap drones, hot laser dones would still be too close to it and kill. Rockets too manuvarable to dodge -But an extra dodging ability can be a bonus feature.

All drones to have limited ammo (however it can assumed that the chaingun can keep firing for a v long time) however turrets can stay unlimited as they are attached to the background wall just like the Exits so can assume that they have a big hidden store/pipeline/wormhole.

Lasers have a kinetic impact on the ninja -should they not just cut and melt?

When the ninja reaches the exit why does it celebrate and let an approaching enemy kill it? -Could have it celebrate straight away even if falling from the exit, so can assume that the ninja 'doesn't care' about respawning again.

The ninja can jump too high from walls (relative to it's normal jump) which doesn't look v realistic especially when chimneying, which shouldn't be much faster than a weasel going up a drain pipe. Also Golfkid: In n++ when wall jumping precisely the ninja can die from hitting the ceiling too fast in a 2 tile wide tunnel which doesn't seem right -(but as with the suggested revenge zombie mode the game would know if the ninja is hitting the ceiling of floor).

Possibly pay moderators to respond to the 'flag' button or as SqUADxZO said: Could be a strict application process for the volunteer moderators.
-Flag button (flag user maps for moderators) could alert them if min 5? users clicked it. It could have a drop down menu of concerns incl. plagiarism (users could send map links even from other versions of N) and broken maps (moderators could msg the mapper with a link for them to delete their map if they choose to).

-They could also approve user-made maps on which players can gain rewards for their highscores. -The N game points contest on the N2 Forums was such a rare success because in a way this is what it did.

There was some talk about this:
Rewards can also be points that add up to something.
Can be given for in game progress, for good stats and misc achievements decided by moderators.
Dr Totof: Not keen on achievements that only 0.01% of people manage.
Can work well with suggested Bonus challenges tab.

N world
The ninja is stealthy (against not visual tracking) and can see/sense through walls 360degrees (the player sees what the ninja knows) which is why it doesn't have 'eyes'. It absorbes gold (which isn't really gold but like an energy) through its skin.
This isn't a very futuristc world as enemy technology is quite basic.

This pic from the internet can demonstrate this and the suggested potential dodging>>


Poss. harmful notable suggestions-

Complied thoughts (no credits given):
-Variation of Sliding gates that work for drones instead of the ninja, so they would only let through drones following which the ninja can sneak through. -Problem is that they will have to somehow look different and they highlight a small realism issue with normal sliding gates that is why build gates that your drones can't open.
-Player counts -too showing of how big/small the N community is.
-Health -no change in performance when being wounded is not realistic.
-Bullet time -would only really benefit maps too cluttered with enemies.
-Gravity modifying -too annoying even if cool.
-Terrain change (incl. damage) -maybe too hard for mappers to organise and if done well can ruin gameplay and the look of N.
-There was a lot of talk about drone paths/tracks -but they would have to be visible so the player can plan ahead better which is likely to spoil the look and being able to switch those tracks has its own problems. -But the suggested one way panels above could be a good enough alternative.
-Having a drone move diagonally probs wouldn't look right (next to normal drones)
-You could have power ups activated by one extra keypress, but we haven't found any to suit Metanet's idea of N.
-I think you were right to remove ghost function representing other runs i.e. the circle on N1.4 -cause it's a bit of a cheat too

Thanx for reading!
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The 'n Tower' was not built in a day. There were some remakes

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Postby james_S » 2017.01.28 (15:37)

to delete
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The 'n Tower' was not built in a day. There were some remakes

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Postby james_S » 2017.01.30 (01:45)

pic that was attached
About 2D side dodging, you can imagine it just like this drawing on the internet
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The 'n Tower' was not built in a day. There were some remakes

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