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Postby Pheidippides » 2014.02.01 (19:18)

"Yeah, my latest work is on ranking people from best to worst." -- xkcd

So I've been watching a lot of late-night Hey Arnold! reruns courtesy of Nickelodeon's "The 90s Are All That" block. In my continuing struggle against the relentless forces of boredom, I spent a few minutes last night ranking everyone's favorite fourth-graders on a vague scale of "best" to "worst." For convenience I neglected all the minor players: Brainy, Nadine, Sheena, Lorenzo, Iggy, Park, and Peapod Kid. Here are the results:

1. Helga
2. Curly
3. Phoebe
4. Gerald
5. Arnold
6. Lila
7. Rhonda
8. Harold
9. Stinky
10. Eugene
11. Sid

Feel free to discuss, and if you have strong feelings about other ensemble casts, feel free to post those too.
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Postby Vanquish » 2014.02.02 (03:32)

Man, I haven't seen that show in EONS!
I think they've been released on DVD now, along with a few other 90's Nickelodeon shows.

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Postby Vyacheslav » 2014.02.02 (03:54)

Gerald was my favorite when this show came out.

I remember watching a trailer for the then new and upcoming show Hey Arnold back in 96 when I saw Harriet the Spy in theaters. I fell asleep during that movie xD

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