My wifi and Xbox live work, but I can't use any of n++'s online features

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Postby Stupidpuppy » 2019.04.03 (05:38)

My console is an Xbox one, and my wifi and gold membership are working. Despite this, I cant access n++' online features (browsing user levels, looking at global high scores). I don't know what could be causing this, I ha e tried restarting my Xbox and router several times

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Postby origami_alligator » 2019.04.17 (06:21)

Hi there! This is apparently a known issue in N++. It's a cross-platform issue that pops up sometimes. You may want to try redownloading it? I don't think that'll permanently fix the issue but it might help for a little bit. Your save data should still exist even if you delete and redownload, so you shouldn't lose progress.

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Postby Stupidpuppy » 2019.04.21 (14:32)

I'd already tried doing this, but I did it again for the benefit of the doubt and it still is not working.

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