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'View levels by' broken

Posted: 2018.01.28 (05:06)
by bdubdryrub
I'm on Xbox one. When holding right trigger and pressing Y to view more levels by the person that created the level I have highlighted, it always takes me to the levels I created.

Still shows "made by: [other person's name], sorted by date" in the banner, but shows all of my levels that correctly show they were made by me.

Thanks for your time.

Re: 'View levels by' broken

Posted: 2018.05.10 (20:05)
by jessicarivera
Have you solved this problem or not?

Re: 'View levels by' broken

Posted: 2019.06.30 (07:58)
by XandoToaster
To my knowledge this is an issue on all versions of the game. I'm not sure if it was ever fixed.

Re: 'View levels by' broken

Posted: 2020.03.28 (21:09)
by EddyMataGallos
Yeah, unfortunately this is an issue with all versions of the game. There's an alternative you can use however, which is to follow that author. Then their maps will appear in the "Followed" tab, although if you follow more than 1 author they'll be mixed of course.

Most the community now hangs in the Discord server,, you might want to go there for support or anything else.