No demos show up on NReality

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Postby Neil_Bryan » 2009.06.05 (00:28)

When I was playing on Nreality with the user on Windows XP as "admin" (administrator), no demos were showing up. Only when you play a level it plays a demo of what you just recently did. Also, the scores on userlevels couldn't save. But when I'm "neil" as the user in Windows XP, demos show up and userlevel scores save. Why is that? How can I make demos appear on NReality already and scores recored in "admin"?
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Postby kkstrong » 2009.06.05 (00:54)

This is what the NReality forum is for. Also you are describing the symptoms of not logging in syndrome.
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Postby Cheez » 2009.06.09 (20:36)

kkstrong wrote:This is what the NReality forum is for. Also you are describing the symptoms of not logging in syndrome.
Yes he is, though highscore/speedrun demos in the top 20 still show up when you are not logged in.

I'm guessing you are logged in on "neil" and not logged in on the Admin account.
If you are not logged in, demos and highscores and such will not save. If you beat an episode, they will save, however.

Basically, you can't make your demos on "Admin" appear on your account. There is a .sol file on the user's account, not the whole system. Copying and pasting the .sol -might- work, but beware that it will remove your previous highscores and speedruns.
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