Replay does not work.

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Postby bgmnt » 2014.04.20 (19:50)

from nv1.4 I'm used to 'R' for replay, but this doesn't work here. Also I have read on the website there should be a replays menu at the start menu of N?

I'm on linux 64bit and since there is no flash projector (stand alone flash player) for 64bit linux, I'm playing in firefox.


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Postby 999_Springs » 2014.04.23 (19:43)

unfortunately there is no way to view your own replays on n v2, except from the highscore board if you have a highscore

however raigan said here that m&r just forgot to include them and that this would be fixed in a future release, so just sit back and wait

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Postby bgmnt » 2014.04.26 (17:55)

Thats really bad ... :-(

But this also affects the instant replay, so even when you are still "in" (ie. just finished) the level?

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