is there a ninja 3?

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Postby drizzen » 2013.08.21 (07:27)

a friend was telling me there was. is there?

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Postby 乳头的早餐谷物 » 2013.08.21 (08:06)

You mean, like, this game, N? No three. There's the original N (up to version 1.4), and there's N+ for consoles, and now there's N 2.0. Metanet Software in their infinite wisdom have decided to work on sequel to N+, called N++, but I wouldn't expect that aaaaany time soon. There's also an unofficial fan-made mod for the game called Nreality.
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Postby Vanquish » 2013.08.21 (08:07)

there is one but he's been held in captivity for over 20 years. no one has seen him in ages.

but seriously, what do you mean by "ninja 3"?

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